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About me

As long as I can remember, I have been inspired to make something out of something else. The resourcefulness and creativity of not running to the store to buy art supplies and instead looking at what is available around me is exciting. The basic waste that comes from day to day living like junk mail, packing materials, cardboard from our boxed foods and even yard debris  I consider it all “free” supplies. Then it is just a matter of thinking “hhhmmmmm, what can I do with this.” 


 I love to have fun with the prospect of making a new item that is indistinguishable from its old life. When you look at a pendant made from a cereal box, you would never know. My little catch all bowls in no way resemble the packing cardboard that once surrounded wine bottles for shipping.


My creative spirit and drive will continue to create

something out of something else.

I can be found shredding paper and making clay for stationary, bowls and jewelry, collecting washed up treasures on the beach, saving downed branches and making wreaths.

Take a peek at some of the process

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